Trusted Computing

  • Vis: Virtualization Enhanced Live Forensics Acquisition for Native System
  • Joan is a virtualization based application protection system. Joan protects security-critical portions of app. against large vulnerable code
  • HAMA: High Availability Memory Access, a software mirrored memory solution to enhance the system availability.
  • Hybrid virtualization: Optimizing Virtual Machines Using Hybrid Virtualization
  • SPAD is a lightweight anti-debugger modules built in special purpose hypervisor.
  • Fast Hibernation purposes to use the outstanding performance of PCM to achieve whole system fast hibernation.
  • RT scheduling tries to modify the legacy Xen scheduler to gain RT awareness and enhance flexibility of virtualization in server situation.
  • XenDebugger is a source level Linux kernel debugger based Xen virtualization system.
  • dht-demo is a basic open source (github) simulated implementation of the Chord protocol in Python.
  • icyhttpd is a open source http server using Fiber on IOCP
  • New AppAudit makes app auditing useful for app market operators, app developers and mobile end users, to reveal data leaks effectively and efficiently [S&P 2015].

Program Analysis

  • DiSL-A new domain-specific aspect language for bytecode instrumentation.International Cooperation Project with Walter Binder
  • C-Decompiler is a refined decompiler that translates X86 binary code to C/C++ code
  • Lock Analysis applies symbolic execution and program slicing to analyse programs' lock usage
  • SDCF is a framework that combines dynamic and static analysis technique for software security and program analysis
  • ESP Java Version is a tool for locking security verification that run on JLLVM platform
  • JLLVM: A Java version of LLVM Core for LLVM IR Analysis.
  • ScalaHDL: a Scala DSL which enables you to write code for FPGA in Scala, and later converted it into Verilog. You can also simulate and test your FPGA designs in ScalaHDL without converting them into Verilog.
  • LUPA : A tool based on LLVM automatically collect data of lock usage in open source applications [ICSM 2013].


  • New GiantVM is a distributed hypervisor that aggregates resources from multiple physical machines, providing the guest OS with a uniform hardware abstraction.

Next Generation Networking

  • DynamicFL is a study cooperated with Dr. Zhang Xin. It provides security communication in Data Center. We extend the reporting algorithm to improve the potential conjestion problem in Dr. Zhang’s previous paper.
  • D2FL : An open source prototype of Distributed Dynamic Fault Localization.

Green Computing

  • VM Pool: Quality of Service Aware Power Management for Virtualized Data Centers

Mobile Computing

  • AEVIOU Chinese Text Input AEVIOU中文滑行输入法,第2011年十二届“挑战杯”特等奖
  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Device (in progress)

Research Support

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China,2013-2016, Principal Investigator.
  • National Science and Technology Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, 2013-2017
  • National Program on Basic Research Project of China (No. 2013FY111900), 2013-2017
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China,2009-2011, Principal Investigator.
  • Key Program for Basic Research of Shanghai,2009-2012, Principal Investigator.
  • IBM SUR Funding and IBM Research-China JP Funding, 2009-2010, Researcher.
  • Microsoft Research Asia Young Scholar Funding, 2008-2009, Principal Investigator.
  • Siemens Technology-to-Business Center, 2005-2007, Principal Investigator.