Renyao Danjun(任姚丹珺)


Renyao Danjun, Master student of class of 2020. She was mainly engaged in web application development and big data analysis during her undergraduate years. During her graduate studies, she is engaged in research related to machine learning algorithms based on neural architecture search.


  • 2022.01~ 使用神经架构搜索技术,为图像分类任务自动搜索最佳 DNN 架构参数设置,并优化准确性和性能.

  • 2021.01-2021.12 为阿里云大型分布式存储系统构建数据跟踪系统 DiTing,并总结其文件读写特征和可能的错误模式。

  • 2019.10-2019.12 为银行交易数据在多维度下错误的根因定位项目设计算法和改进性能

  • 2022.01~ Use neural architecture search techniques to automatically search for optimal DNN architecture parameters for image classification tasks and optimize both accuracy and hardware performance.

  • 2021.01-2021.12 Build DiTing, a data tracking system for large distributed storage system(Alibaba Cloud), and summarize its read and write characteristics and possible error patterns.

  • 2019.10-2019.12 Design algorithms and improve performance for a project on multi-dimensions root cause localization in banking transaction data.


Ren, Sun, et al. “Dissecting the Workload of Cloud Storage System.” 2022 IEEE 42nd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS). IEEE, 2022.


2021年 研究生国家奖学金
2020年 北京市优秀毕业生,研究生数学建模竞赛三等奖
2019年 本科生国家奖学金
2018年 本科生国家奖学金
2021 National Scholarship for Graduate Students
2020 Beijing Outstanding Graduate, Third Prize in the Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling Competition
2019 National Scholarship for Undergraduates
2018 National Scholarship for Undergraduates