Welcome Walter Binder to Our Lab

Walter Binder(Homepage) with two Doctor candidate Danilo Ansaloni and Lukáš Marek(Homepage) visit our lab, delivering a speech this afternoon(2012/4/18).

The speech began with a welcome and introdution by ZhengYudi.Then Danilo made a presentation about their Dynamic progame Analysis Tool called DiSL, which consists of its overview, ideas, design, implements and evaluation. Moreover, Lukas shows how to design a simple project and how to run it on eclipse. After a short disscssion, the speech ends successfully.

Binder's talk

Welcome Frans & Nickolai to Discuss with our group.

Frans Kaashoek(homepage) and Nickolai Zeldovich(homepage) will come to Shanghai Jiao Tong University this Friday(2012/3/30).

They will deliver a speech in the lecture hall of software building, 10 a.m. The speech is named Scaling addressing spaces & improving integer security in Linux. Here is their introduction of this speech:

“We will describe two recents results that we implemented in the Linux operation system. First, we describe a new design for a virtual memory system, inspired by RCU, that allows address space operations to scale well to many cores. Our changes improve the scalability of a multi-core MapReduce library on an 80-core machine from 22x to 75x. Second, we describe a tool, KINT, for finding integer errors that can lead to security exploits. KINT helped us find and fix nearly 100 such bugs in the Linux Kernel.”

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Frans & Nickolai's talk

Our New Home

We have home now!

This is the public homepage of Trusted Cloud Group, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The domain name of this site is applying, after few days later you can access this site by domain name instead of IP address. But remember, the IP address and future domain name is only access-able for external network(relative to the lab internal network). If you are in our lab, please use to surf our homepage. User in internal network also have more privileges for some services(e.g. printer, scanner…), you can see the list in .