Mingyuan Xia has presented the paper in S&P 2015

Mingyuan's presentation
Title: Effective Real-time Android Application Auditing

Conference: S&P ’15 (2015 IEEE Symposium on Security andPrivacy) , May 2015)

Web: http://appaudit.io/

Project: Appaudit


We apply AppAudit to more than 1,000 known malware and 400 real apps from various markets. Overall, AppAudit reports comparative number of true data leaks and eliminates all false positives, while being 8.3x faster and using 90% less memory compared to existing approaches. AppAudit also uncovers 30 data leaks in real apps. Our further study reveals the common patterns behind these leaks: 1) most leaks are caused by 3rdparty
advertising modules; 2) most data are leaked with simple unencrypted HTTP requests. We believe AppAudit serves as an effective tool to identify data-leaking apps and provides
implications to design promising runtime techniques against data leaks.