Welcome Frans & Nickolai to Discuss with our group.

Frans Kaashoek(homepage) and Nickolai Zeldovich(homepage) will come to Shanghai Jiao Tong University this Friday(2012/3/30).

They will deliver a speech in the lecture hall of software building, 10 a.m. The speech is named Scaling addressing spaces & improving integer security in Linux. Here is their introduction of this speech:

“We will describe two recents results that we implemented in the Linux operation system. First, we describe a new design for a virtual memory system, inspired by RCU, that allows address space operations to scale well to many cores. Our changes improve the scalability of a multi-core MapReduce library on an 80-core machine from 22x to 75x. Second, we describe a tool, KINT, for finding integer errors that can lead to security exploits. KINT helped us find and fix nearly 100 such bugs in the Linux Kernel.”

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Frans & Nickolai's talk