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icyhttpd is a open source http server using Fiber on IOCP

icyhttpd by Gong Lu(龚路) leverages the use of both I/O multiplexing and fibers to build a user-level threading framework with high scalability. It enables programmer to write threaded code in a
heavily concurrent environment without losing performance. Our framework achieves a M:N threading model, which hosts M userlevel threads on top of N kernel-level threads. To demonstrate the usefulness of this framework, we provide a proof-of-concept open source implementation of a web server application.


Kai Chen’s talk: Routing Over Explicit Paths in Data Centers: Design and Applications

PPT: SJTU-talk
Kai's talk


Yudi Zheng’s talk: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the JVM

Yudi's talk


Spring Outing in Zhoushan

Spring Outing


Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (3rd,中译本) has been published

Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment


LUPA and Pinso have been released in github

LUPA : A tool based on LLVM automatically collect data of lock usage in open source applications [ICSM 2013].


Pinso:A fault localization system that precisely pinpoints the root cause of concurrency bugs.



A Warm Farewell for Masters 2014

Wu Jiewei(吴杰蔚),Zhong Xianming(钟贤明), Zhang Chao(张超),Chen Run(陈润), and Xin Rui(辛锐) graduate from SJTU in the Spring of 2014. Congratulations!


ScalaHDL: a first version is released in github

ScalaHDL: a Scala DSL which enables you to write code for FPGA in Scala, and later converted it into Verilog. You can also simulate and test your FPGA designs in ScalaHDL without converting them into Verilog. By Li Yao(李垚)

Introduction : ScalaHDL

Github: https://github.com/lastland/ScalaHDL


A paper has been accepted by TACO

“Isolation and Scheduling of Virtualized GPU Resource in Cloud Gaming”, has been accepted by TACO. Congratulations!