Two papers have been accepted by SEKE 2015

“Flexible and Extensible Runtime Verification for Java” (REGULAR ) and “DefDroid: Securing Android with Fine-Grained Security Policy”(SHORT) have been accepted by the 2015 International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2015). Congratulations! Xiang Chengcheng(项程程) and Huang Chao(黄超).


A paper has been accepted by ICDCS 2015

“FlowProphet: Generic and Accurate Traffic Prediction for Data-parallel Cluster Computing” has been accepted for oral presentation at ICDCS 2015. Only 70 out of 543 papers were accepted. Congratulations! Wang Hao(王灏).


A paper has been accepted by IEEE S&P 2015

“Effective Real-time Android Application Auditing” has been accepted to appear at IEEE S&P 2015. This was one of 55 accepted out of over 400 submissions. Congratulations! Xia Minyuan(夏鸣远), Gong Lu(龚路), and Lv Yuanhao(吕源皓).


Yuanhao Lv has presented a paper in UCC 2014

Yuanhao's presentation


Pro. Masahiro Fujita from Tokyo University visited our lab

Fujita's talk
Professor Fujita gave a talk about his research:

  • Hardware synthesis and complete verification with small numbers of test vectors.
  • Program code clone detection and its application to equivalence checking.

Zhiyun Qian gave a talk on computer system security

Zhiyun's talk


Prof. Tao Gu’s Talk: MaLoc: A Practical Magnetic Fingerprinting Approach to Indoor Localization using Smartphones

Gu's talk


A presentation of ScalaHDL in ICCD 2014

Yao's presentation


Bo Liu has presented a paper in ICSME 2014

Bo's presentation


A presentation of ScalaHDL

Li Yao(李垚) ’s presentation of ScalaHDL with Bjarne Stroustrup.
Yao's talk