Pro. Xue (Steve) Liu from McGill University visited our lab

Xue Liu's talk


Mochi Xue delivered a presentation at USENIX ATC ’15

Mochi's presentation


Hao Wang Presented a Paper at ICDCS 2015

Wang's presentation


Pro. Kai Chen and Wei Bai from HKUST visited our lab

Bai's talk
Mr. Bai gave a talk about his research:

  • Information-Agnostic Flow Scheduling for Commodity Data Centers

A paper has been accepted by VLDB 2015

Paper “Differential Privacy in Telco Big Data Platform” is accepted by VLDB 2015. Congratulations to Xueyang Hu (胡雪阳,本科生) and Yu Deng (邓煜,硕士生).


A paper has been accepted by USENIX ATC 2015

The paper is one of 47 papers accepted out of 221 submissions. Congratulations! Xue Mochi(薛墨池), Wang Jiajun(王佳骏)


Mingyuan Xia has presented the paper in S&P 2015

Mingyuan's presentation
Title: Effective Real-time Android Application Auditing

Conference: S&P ’15 (2015 IEEE Symposium on Security andPrivacy) , May 2015)


Project: Appaudit

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Two papers have been accepted by SEKE 2015

“Flexible and Extensible Runtime Verification for Java” (REGULAR ) and “DefDroid: Securing Android with Fine-Grained Security Policy”(SHORT) have been accepted by the 2015 International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2015). Congratulations! Xiang Chengcheng(项程程) and Huang Chao(黄超).


A paper has been accepted by ICDCS 2015

“FlowProphet: Generic and Accurate Traffic Prediction for Data-parallel Cluster Computing” has been accepted for oral presentation at ICDCS 2015. Only 70 out of 543 papers were accepted. Congratulations! Wang Hao(王灏).


A paper has been accepted by IEEE S&P 2015

“Effective Real-time Android Application Auditing” has been accepted to appear at IEEE S&P 2015. This was one of 55 accepted out of over 400 submissions. Congratulations! Xia Minyuan(夏鸣远), Gong Lu(龚路), and Lv Yuanhao(吕源皓).