Pro. Masahiro Fujita from Tokyo University visited our lab

Fujita's talk
Professor Fujita gave a talk about his research:

  • Hardware synthesis and complete verification with small numbers of test vectors.
  • Program code clone detection and its application to equivalence checking.

Zhiyun Qian gave a talk on computer system security

Zhiyun's talk


Prof. Tao Gu’s Talk: MaLoc: A Practical Magnetic Fingerprinting Approach to Indoor Localization using Smartphones

Gu's talk


A presentation of ScalaHDL in ICCD 2014

Yao's presentation


Bo Liu has presented a paper in ICSME 2014

Bo's presentation


A presentation of ScalaHDL

Li Yao(李垚) ’s presentation of ScalaHDL with Bjarne Stroustrup.
Yao's talk


A paper has been accepted by UCC 2014

Loosely-coupled Benchmark Framework Automates Performance Modeling on IaaS Clouds has been accepted by UCC 2014. Congratulations, Ge Xinni(葛馨霓).


A paper has been accepted by Modularity 2015

“A Programming Model and Framework for Comprehensive Dynamic Analysis on Android” has been accepted for publication in the conference. Congratulations for Sun Haiyang(孙海洋) and Zheng Yudi(郑雨迪).


A paper has been accepted by ICSME 2014

Precise Isolation of Concurrency Bugs via Delta Triaging, has been accepted into the Research Track of ICSME 2014. Congruatulations!


AEVIOU Chinese Text Input 2.0 has been released.

This version can be downloaded at the vdisk of weibo. Also see wiki.